Meet lawnspeak

- - -  dreamscape - hieroglyphs - shapeshifters -  - healing arts

Establish an open dialogue between observation and narrative in all aspects of artwork.

 The 5th dimension and residual.

Venturing beyond  tastes and styles but unescapingly travelling into the unknown.

Shimmering decadence - coarseness

 enlightened coastal  escapade ... 

the nightly hours to the Jurassic sound prints.

Intervene the intermittent.

  • Working with Hieroglyphs using walnut oil -slow drying and French antique black

                                                                                                 Ancient civilisation from                             Translavania in Sarmizegetusa



Artist Bio

Lawnspeak had his first exhibition at the age of 7 years old . A Cornish Pastel scene which was displayed at the local library. Studied Architecture with his father and also guitar and was in  T.V themed band which played regularly in the 1990,s. Lawnspeak has made an instrumental guitar album writing his own Bossa nova , Terror Trance and Indie tracks . Music , verse and progressive percussive rhythms plays a very "outta there" feeling  which can be shamanic  or a  separate reality connecting with the 5th Dimension. Working around the world as an actor and art director in Tokyo, Israel, Guatemala and India working with ideas and conceptions shown in film stills and photography . The last five years he has been rather quiet and working with sketching and hieroglyphs , meditation
and visualisation .  Grateful  to
having steady international audience and
is lucky to be in some private collections
that hope to increase at his own pace.

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