We are running out of time, space and it is already over.

 Lawnspeak  can be anywhere in the world or at home . Not working in a stale art studio where there is a feeling of "Completion Compulsion" and allow work to breath in its own hope . To look at a work and know when it is finished is a huge challenge .

Trusting that art is suppose to be

connected to forseeing events and observing  reflection of the past. 

Working energetically is of

utmost importance and to be in a trance state, divination or sometimes working on

multiple works at the same time loosens

apprehension and anxiety and creates a deeper space into the subconscious or dimension.

emerge as a brush stroke, symbol or a

word / phrase.the end result is to calm the mind (work the mind)  opening and

widening  channels for visionary experiences for the future.

There is a collection of films and a vast body of work hidden to later be revealed in some form of concept or sculpture in the near future and appreciate your patience.

Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information.