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Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Today we are writing on the first post. One of the magical ways to work - to some it is a surprise like a gift - a present - something to look forward to like a friend arriving for dinner or even joining up for shopping.

I was buying olive paste, the chilli and the dark- a little pesto and some healthy toothpaste- nothing out of the ordinary until I glimpsed at a magazine comfortably sitting on a neat arranged pile on top of the white display shelf. I spoke to the member of staff at the till saying I can see a cricket bat image inside the food magazine without even turning to the page.

I opened the middle page and say a yoga picture of a body but displaying the foot to the ankle showing there calf muslcle. Okay it was not a cricket bat but it looked close and also the previous page was bright green grass- the whole page . Now I checked the whole magazine and there were no other images to represent what I saw in my mind before the magazine.

Thes impulsive thoughts can change ones life ; deciding if a plane is going to crash in the world, maybe a dangerous part of a road , deciding to paint a woodland just before a death of a child in a car accident, a bomb, an attack in London or a shooting on a motorway. These thoughts also guide one to eat certain foods: perhaps realising that filters for water may not work that well and be a slight con , finding alternatives to expensive Evian with a higher ph (past 5 is classed as alkaline and under is acidic). Painting symbols or a certain feel to a work enlightens , awakens these thought forms .

What price can one place on this. Which artists or is it sub conscious to most that offer this unexplained technique, practise, pastime, gift or hobby.

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