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Sphere of Absence Photograph taken 2010

In 2010 before Dragon glass from game of Thrones or concerning the contemporary consumerist world of the notoriously ultra famous artist , dealer, sculptor , capitalist, surrealist and personalty Jeff Koons.

Koons does not mention Sphere but instead Ball Gazing..sorry Gazing Ball where one sees their reflection. What is magical about art and creativity is somebody, a friend, patron or neighbour to nobody (to be somebody) could have seen this photo of Lawn and collaborate to a greater idea similar to Koons perhaps and obviously to a small audience ; but nonetheless an opportunity.

There will be further ideas and have a secret list of installation ideas , yes to a grande scale Lawn will not lie and enough to keep the fire going as one creation telepathically twinkles other ideas and concepts whether innocent, soulful, activistic, worldly, prehistoric, 5th Dimension, life or Death in quality, awareness. and connectivity.

Any future collectors of the paintings will be informed of the installations and share and learn to understand together the vision for the future.

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