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Who are the ones?

What is abstract expressionism - impressionism - pressiounism - preciousness ???

Is it a war of creativity - a must to sell sell sell . Place a price on the sky , the land and the sea. At what cost is perseverance , skill , technique or just being bohemian -liminalist?

Just to recap as writing one is not dictating but learning by writing and have been listening to liminalist podcasts for a few years and still need to double check what it means . My interpretation is that of arriving at an airport ; picking up the luggage, feeling the excitement of the other travellers , absorbing this feeling with everything else in the moment without being attached to anything to near or far. Keeping the barriers bare and the windows gaps of the unseen.


Liminality is a period of transition where normal limits to thought, self-understanding, and behavior are relaxed – a situation which can lead to new perspectives.

How does it express our abstract ?

Why is it so few (under 10)?


Am I trying to be clever because not being in the system of selling for so long? Living in a village far from the city. Far yet near enough to be teased by it ; but the distance so stretched that its heated my natural embers of seeking and warming a much vigorous city dweller or night traveller with that connectiveness that I so much enjoyed.

Who are the main ones ..and notice the connection to the most expensive of artists that are closely auctioned now and again but always peeking in and out of the main houses , raising their own funds almost as though nobody owns them because they are becoming blue chips . The blue and the Chip worded in such a way that it is a Corporate to Bohemian rebound.

It began with Rothko , which I a later post and further research will try to piece together a moral swing into "Letting go of ones life" while being centre stage and awarded many hearts and minds of loving , intelligent impressionable creatives.

Cy Twombly

Perhaps am 6 weeks into instagram , it is all very new to me at the moment . I had a great buzz the first few weeks and understudied every artist from nearly all the world museums and collections by popular exhchanges as though the masses had chosen for me. This person stirred into my collection a few times..interrupting the tuition you tubes of Kooning , another that didn't really know which proves something has gone slightly wrong with me. Cy was married to an Italian Aristocrat , there is a total self indulgence in his work which at first one does not see. When I first looked at this work and still have not understudied him as I have Rothko and Munch imprints , there is a lucidity , not depth but an emotional connection , a sideways direction as though he would swim the front crawl looking one way . Hendrix would practise scales as well as chords and solo but Twombly kind of gets away without the structure . Pure self indulgence. Finding a connection near my navel, magnetising or allowing the meridians to synchronise out of the work , working it out , allowing the colour coordination and feel of the stroke and repairing a lonely signal . The connection is kind of "free for all", an accident of spilt pattern and an uninterest of the next schedule: a boss was waiting at the desk to scrutinise an employee. Cy Twombly reminds of an event when 16 and coming home late from London , missing a mornings work and resting in grandfathers garden shed . Quite normal fora teenager as the work was part time ..but the father new..he new something was wrong or there was a challenge intruding his pattern, his world , his dimension. It is very beautifully empty and nervously nostalgic to value history with a memory and a painting, both laying in under ground and doomingly aborting the rainbows under the heavens .

So at 48 years of age to admit that this is on the list at the moment and in the top 5 . Maybe it is an interval.

I apologise for not sharing a Cy Twombly painting but it is very difficult to copy an image and am new to writing Bloggs on art.

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