Height - 100cm  Width - 125  Depth - 1cm

Certificate of Authenticity included with purchase signed by the artist


Close the blinds,

It,s parched for miles

there is no space left in the sky


Inspired by the Stanly Kubrick film The Shining i am combining the chill and horror of a warning to Climate Change and there is NO RETURN NO EXIT.


Close the blinds is part mantra , part warning . Remember thhe writings in the book with jack nicholson in the Shining , repeating a phrase over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.


the icebergs are melting, they melt and self destruct causing the sea to rise. 


There is No Space Left In The Sky means all the magnetic and electrical frequencies that energetically dilate our senses and atoms- all the shipping routes in the air that many tiems are unneccasary and loine the pockets of the flight industries that later say they are going carbn free after recieving accounts for half a century of polluted emmissions.

Close the blinds series I