height -101 cm    Width -127cm  Depth -1cm

Certificate of Authenticity included with purchase signed by the artist


Original oil and acrylic . 2/3 Years originally a water based acrylic abstract  

using the lake in the garden for divination of colour. I use to spend summers watching the paint merge and intervene its shapes while it dried. What caught my eye was to the top left was an image of a dolpin type creature so I re worked the whole painting with the feeling of the Juraasic period and Paleontology .


Here in the UK one can visit the Juraasic coast , a place near Lyme Regis called Charmouth Beach and a museum where Sir David Attenborough frequents (my Nana tosught his brother Piano at school!) . They recently in 216 after a land slide found a new sea creature, i know it begins with P!


The dolphin image is that of the ICHTYOSAUR 

The ichthyosaur was a giant marine reptile that ruled the sea some 250 million years ago. It was a strong, fast swimmer with four crescent-shaped fins (or paddles), a dorsal fin and a fish-like tail. It ranged in size from one to nine metres. The ichthyosaur breathed air through its nostrils.


While dinosaurs ruled the land, the ichthyosaurs, classified variously in the Ichthyosauria or in the Ichthyopterygia, shared the seas of the world with the other great groups of large marine reptiles, the plesiosaurs and mosasaurs. "Ichthyosaur" means "fish lizard," while "Ichthyopterygia" means "fish paddle.


Paleontology or palaeontology is the scientific study of life that existed prior to, and sometimes including, the start of the Holocene Epoch.

Land has no Time